Back glue Velcro production process is introduced

by:BAILI     2020-10-09
Back injection glue Velcro insert technology ( 注射成型钩) Applicable to all types of injection molding in the hook body, can be used in a series of thermoplastic materials, such as: pp, PE, pom, nylon, thermoplastic elastomer and so on. The technology in 2003 by French APLIX company first invented and used in production. By 2007, the company in the United States 3 patents of invention. Back glue Velcro refers to the regular Velcro and special Velcro strap itself, on the basis of back after high temperature hot melt glue machine, glue will melt in normal Velcro and special Velcro strap on the back, with a layer of oil from type paper, back glue Velcro is finished. Back glue hook and loop principle back glue hook and loop replication technology is not a model of the plastic insert technology, but rather will hook surface and the plastic parts ( Or metal parts) Of the surface of the unity of the injection molding method, hook the hook is in the insert molding. In the process of stripping, hook temporarily be straight; The cooling process, the hook experience slowly getting back to its original shape. The implementation of the method is to insert the plastic insert technology ( The parts need sticky strap) On the injection mould, With a hook shape steel sheet) , when the ejection Angle is greater than 45 °, using chute or moving of the water wheel. This can make the injection molding process operation stability, can produce millions of pieces of hook surface without special maintenance. Injection into the use of technology to further broaden the fastening belt area, changed the sticky strap on a smooth surface when using need to put glue on the back, to enhance the fastening tape stripping resistance. Its molding mould and products. Back glue Velcro high viscous fluid and the characteristics of the adhesion force resistance, waterproof, widely used in paper, plastic, glass, leather, hardware and so on all smooth surface objects, have the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance. Stamping all kinds of shapes according to customer demand, the product also can be used for protection of 櫈 chair foot pad, fixed products, or for a raincoat, fish tank, clothing, handbags, bags and other fields. ( ) Is specialized in the back glue Velcro manufacturers, the introduction of imported French injection insert technology, guarantee the quality of production, has a group of skilled workers, to ensure that the production quantity, has a dedicated after-sales service, to ensure that the after-sales service. Welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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