Back glue Velcro purposes

by:BAILI     2020-09-25
Back glue hook and loop USES back glue Velcro USES, in tensile and elastic hook straight, glue and open it from loop pile, and then restore the original hook, so repeated opening and closing of more than ten thousand kinds, Velcro is widely used in all kinds of goods normally closed or the position of the button, but the traditional way of tape only sewing fixed in the product or object. Back glue hook and loop back glue Velcro, wool suit as a. The hair on one side of the side of the hook, usually used for tie tape, high adhesion. Back glue hook and loop is widely used in clothing, handbags, shoes, sports supplies, medical supplies, wig, etc. Cohesion is strong, durable. Back glue Velcro 1, use nail polish. Similar to ethanol, acetone usage. The result is right also. Don't need to water quality, good or general, as long as you can wash away all the nail polish. 2, with acetone. The above method. Little and thoroughly, best of all, it can quickly and easily remove the residual gum. It's better than alcohol. 3, hand cream. First, remove the print on the surface. Then some hand cream is in the above, slowly with his thumb knead, knead for a while. Slow down. Hand cream is a kind of grease, and chewing gum are incompatible. Take the glue is to use this feature. 4, with banana oil. Is a kind of industrial used to remove paint agent, it is easy to buy ( Sell paint are sold) 。 This method is the same as the ethanol, acetone. 5, with a paper towel with some alcohol ( It is best to industrial alcohol, do not use medical also line) Wipe several times to wipe, and then in a clean place.
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