Back glue Velcro resistance to high temperature brings us convenience

by:BAILI     2020-09-24
Back glue Velcro resistance to high temperature brings us the convenience of back glue Velcro is necessary in our life, we use them every day, but in the use of the time we often ignored them, when we asked some people what is the back glue Velcro, they don't know what this is, but if you show them the picture, they will feel very surprised, so this is the magic stick, gum magic discount in application in our life is very broad, now a lot of places of them, plays a very important role, now we can not do without them, we often see is its use in the field of clothing, ACTS as an attachment on the clothes, rather than the traditional buttons and zippers, can more quickly to button up your dress and won't solve on their own, very convenient, but there are a lot of industry for the back glue Velcro heat resistance have large demand, they will be used in the high temperature place, so make sure it's performance, will have a certain resistance to high temperature, let's discuss the below. Manufacturing most of the Velcro material are made of nylon, the material quality is light, there is a certain high temperature resistance, after on the production of finished products, the overall performance will be better, in order to make them better heat resistance, merchants before selling to the Velcro for the processing of high temperature, let it can continue to use in high temperature, the belt itself to high temperature resistance, on the back of the glue, too, should have high temperature resistance, glue is and intimate contact of the object, so want to Velcro can firmly stick to the object, the choice of glue must be correct, what hook and loop above with now is high temperature resistant glue, the glue can not only keep the original in a high temperature activity, and strong cohesion. When you are in the process of use, as long as the mold after Velcro paper torn, can put in the place where you want to stick, make sure before the paste paste surface clean, or it will affect the use time of hot melt glue, this magic stick used now in high temperature product bundling, and a lot of products to heating, if within the scope of its sustainable, it can be very good. High temperature resistance of glue Velcro back in our lives to help us solve a lot of problem, we served at home, have soup pot is very hot, after that you can in the following an appropriate hook and loop pad, so you can prevent your iron wooden desk is broken, there are also a lot of use, we need to pay attention to all, when you run into trouble again, you can use it to solve.
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