Back glue Velcro screens and magnetic screen window which good

by:BAILI     2020-10-11
Now there is a very popular back glue Velcro screens, because of its simple and convenient, beautiful generous and popular. Then, back glue Velcro screens to use? Why do people love it so much? The reason for textile said to you. First, back glue Velcro apply more extensive, especially for the screen, but also loved by customers, but some customers in the face of the Velcro and magnetic screen, screen window is entanglements, because even their own also don't know, Velcro screens to use? Choose good hook and loop screens or magnetic screen window. The problem, of course, it is a good solution for small make up me, you can choose according to individual be fond of view class right screen window, because the back glue hook and loop screens and magnetic screen window each have each advantage. The service life of the magnetic screen window: magnetic screen window is really long, but at the time of installation, must by the operation of the professional personnel to install, once the magnetic screen is damaged, it is necessary to recruit people to replace a new magnetic screen window, of course, the money must be spent is relatively high. Back glue Velcro screens: magic window operation is simple, and easy to change, even if the Velcro should be by the loss of utility, we can also according to their own style, to create a oneself to like Velcro, and even change the hook and loop screen window, the amount of money is relatively small. It is not hard to see from the above two comparative Velcro screens use? The answer to this question, because of its convenient and flexible, low cost, also can DIY, so overall magic window still is superior to magnetic screen window.
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