Back glue Velcro the trend of the future development direction

by:BAILI     2020-10-14
Some current manufacturer of glue Velcro back through the adoption of international standards and characteristics of advanced foreign technology, in the standard level, design, manufacturing technology and product quality has a larger increase, bind, with the trend of future development in such aspects as to whole high-level automation, and diversification. 1, strong pushing back glue hook and loop: both the tensile resistance of steel belt, and can impact ductility, can ensure that your product transportation safety. 2, back glue Velcro elongation small: elongation is only polypropylene ( PP) With one 6, can maintain tension force for long. 3, the back glue Velcro strong resistant: melting point is 260 degrees, 120 degrees the use of deformation. 4, back glue hook and loop flexibility: no sharp edges of steel belt, safe operation, neither hand injury or damage to the bound object. 5, beautiful back glue Velcro not rust, no rust steel belt pollution of bound object, color brightness can jian. 6, good back glue Velcro economic benefits: 1 tons of plastic belt length equal to 6 tons of steel belt, the unit price per meter below the steel belt, can reduce the cost for you. Bind with magic Velcro strap wire bonding, fixed effect, the glue do bind belt buckle, buckle together not only strong, open and close the service life is long, rich colors, can screen printing on our own unique LOGO, can recycle again, have the effect of environmental protection, the protection. P type belt Velcro back glue Velcro from early invention to now, has been popular with people. Along with the development of the functional sex of the fastening belt, practical also more and more strong, medical, aerospace and other fields like sticky strap also has to be reckoned with. Believe in the power of the constant innovation of science and technology support, the wire belt hook and loop can bring to our life more convenient and affordable.
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