Back glue Velcro unintended use

by:BAILI     2020-09-25
Back glue Velcro unexpected USES Velcro cable tie can be reused in the life has a lot of USES, especially the back glue Velcro some unexpected USES, you have to know how much? Back glue Velcro 1, a lot of clutter in the home, Velcro manufacturer that can be put sundry fixed to the wall with the back adhesive belt or the corner. 2, you can use adhesive tape or glue to do photo artist, can replace the nails, beautiful and practical. 3, you can also use glue Velcro fastening line, good classifying the data line, and then when you need to get out more convenient. 4, can even tidy up room in the home, clean clothes. 5, there are a lot of friends like to bind sundry goods and so on. Back glue Velcro above introduced only a few, the discovery of more, or for the general merchants and friends. As a special kind of Velcro, Velcro manufacturer has been recognized and loved in each domain, since waterproof production, not beyond, resulting in a such advantage, make its more widely in other fields, go further. Back glue Velcro back glue Velcro and other Velcro is the biggest difference between nylon waterproof. hook and loop cable tie is very thick, not easy to fall off, and has a good waterproof and has a very widely used in sports equipment. At the same time, stationery, waterproof rain pocket is also widely used.
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