Back glue Velcro using rubber silk and special raw materials ZhiZhi how to prevent napping

by:BAILI     2020-09-10
Back glue Velcro using rubber silk and special raw materials ZhiZhi how to prevent the fuzz 1, needle plate use time is too long, cause the throat plate surface damage caused by napping, knitting needle damage, should timely replacement knitting needle, and relax pressure zone plate, the knitting needle knitting needle distance set, and the weft to hang out. 2, weft on steel clasp, put the weft weft bar inside; Damage of steel buckle, and the other in a steel clasp; Raw material itself, so some fluff, replace the fuzz, such as too much fluff, finished goods after done with full inspection. 3, weft needle damage caused by, one, or with gauze type; You type steel buckle damage caused by, with gauze, or choose another steel buckle; Palm fibre damage or stop pills is damaged, change new one. The right way to use magic stick: the length of service life of an article has a lot to do with using method and maintenance, so is a magic stick. Right using method, a new magic stick usually does not lead to failure, it is important to note that when washing stick good hook and loop can wash, so that to prevent failure, to avoid corrosive detergent when washing. Powerful pull hook and loop, prevent movement and open design. So tear left and right magic stick can make the Velcro hook broken cause failure or to force the magic stick with the corset apart. Must bear in mind that the hook and loop open way is to open the can up and down. Sound small and easy to open the way! Remember about tear strength, this is the magic stick use undeserved, buyers will think wrong Velcro durability or not belong to quality problems; Must be opened up and down direction hook and loop, don't left and right pull to open.
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