Back glue Velcro widespread application in climbing shoes

by:BAILI     2020-11-09

back glue hook and loop except very popular in the daily necessities of the following career, also have many applications in dress shoes, like ski-wear, neckline cuffs, replaced by the activity under the shoes, basketball shoes LACES. This day we speak of is application under the climbing shoes.

traditional fasten belt type shoes can relief may be fine, especially 'bag'. Through the process of dispensing shoelaces elastic level, differences can perhaps get shoes also support function, shoelace loose some, some longitudinal soft shoes; On the other hand, the supply of some strong support. So much the shoes can may have a match of wide application range.

and apply the back glue Velcro shoes convenience, dispensing swiftly maneuvering, the sole activity also more poised, but also means and supporters are definitely not apply strong force, especially is ever survive after climbing, feel foot into the shoe 'roll ( Skid) ”。 To deal with the same ordinary competitive road may be difficult bouldering, all the process is nothing more than a few minutes, a route that is not obvious; In a long period of climbing more, however, it is necessary to consider the result. In application of 'foot' is probably the rest of the necessary foot rotation move, fastening can be happened to close.

other can also maybe meet slippers type of climbing shoes, shoes with elastic analogy big mouth rubber band, some with zippers. As usual this kind of shoes are the most simple layout, the price is cheap one, because there is no shoes or slippers type shoes back glue hook and loop constraints, the foot feels like tender, and particularly sensitive, yet strong force and supporters have not apply, moment of force deformation ( Deformation level is decided by the foot on weekdays) 。 Slippers as usual type of climbing shoes with compare with thin sole, no lining, slightly heave, you can probably feel most shoe particularly strong, with their feet to snap action also abnormal use. Application of slipper type of shoes will be necessary to use extremely small size, otherwise use footing hook skills came close to identify all end in failure. Daily match properly indoor wall practice, boulders or competitive road. Because other LACES and the thickness of thread gluing is omitted, make all the height of the shoes smaller, especially well in fine crack climbing, in such cases with a slightly bigger size, so that toes can perhaps in flat shoes.

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