Back glue what mysterious magic with a function, quick to learn

by:BAILI     2020-09-16
Gum with what mysterious magic function, quick to learn about the back glue Velcro all series, there are two very popular back glue back glue Velcro and injection hook back glue Velcro. Is cannot explain the relationship between them, the injection hook back glue Velcro is different from general back glue Velcro, it is the use of the United States dupont nylon one-time manufacturing, material good, only a third of the normal back glue hook and loop, thickness is uniform on the surface of the hook design, smooth surface, feels not only not hurting hands, but also protect the skin, bright color, beautiful and easy, greatly enhance the grade of the product. Every industry is praised it as a good product, is well worth using. Injection can hook back glue hook and loop special surface treatment, stripping chengdu super. Plasticizer resistance, moisture resistance, good tensile performance, repeatable close, and other characteristics. Injection hook back glue hook and loop for baby series of products of articles of clothing industry and very practical, it can also through your need, further carry on the processing of choice of product. Back glue series back glue Velcro is applicable to the board, wood, glass, and many different kinds of plastic. Injection hook back glue Velcro in the back glue Velcro belongs to one of the most popular in the industry, it is from plastic extruding technology products, is a kind of plastic glue Velcro back, and the function of the general back glue Velcro.
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