Back of glue Velcro back stick principle is what

by:BAILI     2020-10-10
Back glue Velcro adsorption theory people see solid adsorption of adhesive as cementing primary reason theory, known as the adsorption theory of cementing. Theoretical thought: stick relay is the first history of adhesive systems of molecular forces, namely Fan Dehua gravitational force and hydrogen bond. Adhesive and glued objects appearance sticky relay and adsorbability have some of the same nature. Adhesive and glued appearance molecules have two processes: the role of the process liquid adhesive molecules on the stage to the glued Brownian motion appearance scattered, make the two polar groups of the interface or link close to each other, in this process, the temperature, touch pressure and adhesive viscosity are conducive to the strengthening of Brownian motion. The second stage is adsorption. When the interval between adhesive and glued molecules to reach 10 - The interface between molecular occurs at 5 a mutual attraction, spacing between the molecules further shortened in the maximum safe state. The polarity of the adhesive is too high, sometimes the branch for the serious hinder the process of wet down stick relay. Molecular inter-atomic forces are elements of a supply stick relay, but not the only factor. Under some special conditions, other factors can also play a leading role. Back glue hook and loop bonds form the chemical bonding theory thought adhesive and glued in addition to the interaction between molecules, and sometimes chemical bonding occurs, such as vulcanized rubber and copper plating metal bonding interface, the action of coupling agent on bonding, isocyanate to metal and rubber bonding interface, such as seminars, all prove that the formation of chemical bonds. The strength of the chemical bond is much taller than van der into force; Chemical composition can not only advance adhesion strength, but also can overcome the disadvantages of stripping the glue joint damage. But no form chemical bonds, to form chemical bonds necessary meet must quantization, so can not do the touch points between adhesive and glued form chemical bonds. Back when the liquid adhesive glue Velcro weak boundary layer theory cannot be glued in vitro table, good moisture air bubbles in space and constitute the weak area. Temporary soluble in the molten adhesive with impurity, and does not dissolve in the cured adhesive, will go in solid adhesive composition after another phase, glued body with adhesive between the weak interface layer ( WBL) 。 WBL except process elements, in the polymer network or melt into forming process of interaction, adhesive with the appearance of adsorption thermodynamics phenomenon such as inhomogeneity of boundary layer structure. Nonuniformity interface layer can have WBL rendering. This WBL stress lax and crack development are different, thus greatly affects all the functions of materials and products. Back glue Velcro dispersion theory under the premise of two kinds of polymer with compatibility, when they close touch each other, because brown movement of molecules or chain segment pendulum mutual dispersion phenomenon. This role is dispersed through the adhesive and glued interface stagger. Dispersion results lead to the disappearance of the interface and the transition zone. Adhesive system with dispersion theory cannot explain the polymer material and metal, glass, or other hardware adhesive, because it is difficult to to this kind of material dispersion polymer. Back glue hook and loop electrostatic theory when the adhesive and glued system is a kind of electron acceptor - Supply body combination method, electron will supply from the body ( Such as metal) Transferred to the acceptor ( Such as polymers). , in the interface region constitutes the electric double layer on either side, and then the electrostatic attraction. In the dry environment rapid stripping adhesive rubber, metal appearance available instrument or investigation to the naked eye to discharge phenomena of light, sound, prove the existence of electrostatic interactions. But electrostatic interactions can only exist in the form of electric double layer of adhesive systems, and therefore not universal. In addition, some scholars have pointed out that: in the electric double layer charge density necessary to reach 1021 electronic/cm 2, electrostatic attraction to the bonding strength in a significant impact. Electric double layer and habitat move the maximum charge density occurred just 1019 electronic/cm 2 ( Only 1010 - some thought 1011 electronic/cm2) 。 Therefore, electrostatic force though does exist in some special adhesive system, but is by no means dominant elements. Back glue Velcro mechanical force theory from the concept of physical chemistry, mechanical action and not sticky relay elements, but add a method of bonding effect. Adhesive to infiltrate glued appearance of cracks or concave and convex, area occurred at the interface between the meshing force after curing, the condition of similar nail with wood joint or roots into the soil. The essence of mechanical cohesion force is conflict. In bonding porous materials, paper, fabric, such as organization cohesive force is very important, but for some solid lubrication of appearance, this effect is not significant. Ten years to focus on doing only one thing, that is to produce better Velcro. Back glue hook and loop with peers have no exclusive technology, the tear is a trace, the longer, the bonding degree is higher. More advisory welcome call: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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