Back to back Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-11-11

a, back to back Velcro cable tie product introduction: the brand back to back Velcro cable tie environmental protection product USES the environmental protection raw material production, azo free, 不含偶氮) , do not contain heavy metals ( 无有害物质) Environmental protection standard through SGS environmental protection standard authentication quality assurance through IS09001 - 2000 quality certification, back to back Velcro cable tie product parameters: 1, resistant to high temperature washing, yellowing resistance, resistant to sunlight. Physical properties of heat resistance hook melting point 230 ℃, melting point 180 ℃, 93 ℃ to - 56. Within 7 ℃ can last 1000 hours. 20 degrees below zero cold tolerance can still use, the lower the temperature, the stronger the pull, but the durability of resistance to water in the water to keep 50% lower tension, after drying can be fully restored resistance to alkaline soda 50%, ammonia 28%, hydrochloric acid, 2. Nitric acid, 5% 3. Below 5% can still work, stripped number 2000 times durability, pull no less than 85%. 2, resistant to washing and rubbing. Color fastness test material: 100% nylon fastening tape testing method test standard grade AATCC - washing fastness in dyeing fastness 61 - 1980 - ⅡA3。 5 + AATCC - friction fastness in dyeing fastness 测试方法8 - 19803. 5 + 3, stable quality, uniform brush, not easy broken wires, transverse tensile, vertical strip firmly closed three, back to back hook and loop cable tie purpose: hook and loop cable tie is favored by domestic and foreign markets in recent years a hook and loop one of new products. Mainly used for binding wire, cable, computer peripheral wire, computer peripheral products, medical equipment, decoration and other purposes, can be customized according to customer requirements to sample or drawing, beautiful generous, reusable, is the best choice of the brand enterprise more!

custom hook and loop has become a crucial product for marketers, especially when it comes to brand building and engaging potential customers.
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Once we have a good idea of how custom hook and loop can satisfy customer’s needs, consider whether we should create a skill for their demands.
Jinjiang Nanxing Garment Weaving Co., Ltd., which contributes itself on custom hook and loop for creating more useful application.
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