Back to back Velcro for classification basis to use purposes

by:BAILI     2020-10-27
Back to back hook and loop USES all too clear what are the purposes, small make up today to share back to back Velcro for classification is based on how to use the USES, back to back Velcro is also called paste belt. Back hook and loop and a call functional magic belt belt, back to back Velcro is also a have a lot of USES, such as our common wire and cable, electronic products, etc. , and children's toys and so on can use are back to back Velcro, can also according to customer's requirements to customize different design style to cutting, a variety of sizes, for the different needs of customers. Back to back hook and loop commonly used for binding effect. Then according to the application field of bound object will be divided into two broad categories. The first is electric wire bundling belt, its main characteristic is rough surface and amplifies that produce high viscous force, rough softness is better, form a layer of protective film, the subject matter of the bound to prevent damage to the surface, and because of the viscous force is very strong, strong tension, will not accidentally fall off, in a sense has also played a protective role. Common application type optical fiber cable to bind belt, medical bandages, elastic binding belt, bind belt series products, such as electronic products charger cable fixed wire and class effectively. The second type is decorated bound, bound object is a lightweight object more, have a certain decorative effect, such as gift box bind belt, mobile phone accessories bind belt, etc. , on the one hand, have the effect of fixed bound, on the one hand with the life. To sum up, back to back Velcro can widely used in our daily life, because it all aspects of the function is very powerful, can use their own advantages to our life bring great convenience.
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