Back to back Velcro is so make?

by:BAILI     2020-09-14
Back to back Velcro is so make? Back to back Velcro must be put into use it wants after gluing the process, the gluing process is very strict, because it is related to the late hook and loop practicality. To cause unnecessary waste, generally USES the water-based adhesive and oily glue these two kinds of glue, different magic glue and glue cost and quality is different also, compared with oily glue, water-based glue hook and loop durability is poorer, stripping degree also is not very good, cost is high, but relatively stable product quality, simple operation, basic harmless to the human body. Oily glue is a kind of chemical organic solvent, but due to its low cost, stripping good fastness, was deeply loved by the masses of the seller. Because it is a kind of chemical solvent, fastening belt bonding area is volatile and metamorphism, instability also become one of the biggest defect of oily glue, and have certain harm to human body, therefore in the process of production must be precise about. Glue will hold good speed, temperature, time control, average speed per minute to y - 40 60 y, temperature control at 150 ℃, 5-170 ℃, bake 7 minutes to complete. 1. Before gluing, should first adjust good back to back Velcro, lest cause unnecessary damage to the tension. 2. Want to make the operation more convenient and quick, just need to adjust the blade Angle, let the glue evenly cover on the magic button. 3. Through the ribbon distinguish it stick on both the front and then glue, so as to avoid any quality problem when put into use. 4. Belt is put to correctly, make sewing intact fusion together, greatly improve the passing rate of the product. 5. Velcro strap must remain intact, the generation of crease can effect the beauty of the product and reduce the sales of the products. 6. Modest supplementary feeding trough the raw material, add raw material or raw material to prevent leakage. 7. The gluing process is administrative, should be distinguished according to colour order. Back to back Velcro to listed after precision machining production, because of its high quality and be accepted by the people in The Times of the development of science and technology, the technology will be posted to bigger and bigger.
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