Backpack nylon ribbon

by:BAILI     2020-11-16

backpack nylon ribbon in the peak tourist season, everywhere is full of business opportunities. Many businesses start mass production travel bag, leisure bag and so on bag. On the package, the most common is the tape on the package, is the backpack straps. The role of the ribbon on the backpack backpack was used to support the weight of the bag and back up more comfortable. Generally comfortable ribbon are relatively wide, relatively soft, back up very easily. Now is also the demand of backpack is bigger, as a direct result of the quantity of ribbon, with my knapsack also rise directly. Many manufacturers can always find business opportunities in this seasonal change, on the chance to earn a sum of money. Backpack nylon ribbon is usually composed of polyester thread material by the loom weaving, type has tabby, herringbone, twill and other shape; Its color is black, gray, red, beige color, specifications have 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm range, prices are generally in 0. - 6 yuan/yard 2 yuan/yards range; Backpack ribbon on the bag, generally used in bag straps, buckles, bags more beautiful, more attractive, with a free and easy travel.

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