Baidu's home page Velcro company? Velcro adhesive technology

by:BAILI     2020-10-27
Baidu search, hook and loop, home page shows a lot of related companies, on the front page, the bidding company has five, can you really choose the right company? As the saying goes, the wool is on sheep's body, where do the bidding costs are eventually earn back, everyone should know. Like domestic OV manufacturers, mobile phone is known, and the price is low, not necessarily expensive thing is good, the key is to measure his price. Maybe some small and medium enterprises in the eyes of some big enterprises, feel that the quality of these small and medium-sized enterprise must be very poor. But actually you are wrong, it is because of the presence of these small and medium-sized enterprises, one will not be monopoly industry, like the side of the road selling vegetables aunt, may her food than in a big supermarket to buy fresh, it can be cheaper. But it could also be much cheaper than supermarkets, but it is very bad is very old. The hook and loop is the same of choose and buy, choose the appropriate manufacturer, you can buy better with less money Velcro. Baidu's home page Velcro company? Velcro adhesive technology ( 1) Velcro tension adjustment. ( 2) Blade Angle adjustment. ( 3) Avoid to take double impact quality, caused by defective rate. ( 4) Pay attention to the feed tank material without doing moderate supplement. ( 5) Avoid any tape has a crease. ( 6) Distinguish the color of the Velcro by the shallow and deep, the gluing process. ( 7) Make sure the front side of ribbon distinguish stitched. Is a kind of dangerous goods, but the cost is very low, and the stripping have good color fastness and gluing every 60 minutes to 40 y y speed, temperature 150 '( 2 - 5-170 ℃, bake 7 minutes, that is, complete. Baidu's home page Velcro company? Velcro adhesive technology Velcro spot are common black and white, norms diversity, stamping, sectional cutting can be performed. Strong Velcro is generally nylon material viscosity cingulate brought back glue, the company the most commonly used type of glue is a common 880 b / 9448 a / 7096. This paragraph 3 glue each have each is suitable for use, a - 9448 3 m double-sided adhesive hook and loop, suitable to stick to the metal surface, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy surface, etc. After 7096 glue paste on the surface, the glue can seep to the surface, strong adhesion, make glued firmly, can be attached to the plastic, metal, wood, concrete, whitewashed walls and other materials on the surface of; Ordinary 880 b glue, suitable for sticking to the paper, ceramic surface, etc.
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