Basic knowledge of the elastic, line class, Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-13
Elastic, line class, basic knowledge of the hook and loop common line with class, in addition to the ribbon, and: elastic, line class, hook and loop ( Fastening belt) Elastic: 1) Elastic is commonly used for strong elastic and can be used for pen/package edge, folded elastic for serging more beautiful, the main Japanese customers with more 2) Elastic and medical elastic/knitted elastic line categories: 1) The classification of the line, line general points 0 # / 10 # / 30 #, 40 #, sort is various, nylon/polyester line/bondi line/cotton yarns/mark line/transparent fishing line 2) Special lines had a wax lines/waterproof lines, such as general nylon thread will lead oil at the same time, in the car. Some fabric ( Add the cloth of EMB) When need to use oil line, however, to avoid oil leakage, cause the dirt of cloth; Car thin cloth with 40 # line, not easy corrugate fastening belt ( hook and loop) : sticky strap AB face ( The hook face and hair side) , the specifications of the manufacturer with 16 mm / 20 mm / 25 mm / 38 mm / 50 mm / 100 mm, according to the different function, fastening with a special processing, such as resistance to add sulfur/phenolic yellow/firebreak on CT/glue/no fluff/soft hook/high Zhou Boyong fastening belt/adhesive type fastening belt, etc.
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