Best for baby choose shoes is a magic stick

by:BAILI     2020-11-08

now a lot of economic capacity has been ran to the well-off families, and even some kids at home is very rich, so that parents can help their children dressed very outstanding, it tends to be formed from childhood baby's peer. In addition, parents also therefore ignore the problem, there is baby wear can have what dangerous? What to wear, the more favorable for the growth of the baby? Baby wearing inappropriate harm 1. Cause harm to the body directly. Children in an age of curiosity is strong, may be because your child is wearing is very special, will go to touch him, so it is easy to cause the damage pandering. And some accessories will scratch the skin of babies, and even children eating, consequence is unimaginable. 2. Clothes don't breathe freely, too tight. Children clothing material is bad, or too tight, easily affect the development of the baby's body, serious can cause inflammation, and the baby move will also feel very inconvenient. 3. Baby wear to take off the difficult cause inferiority complex. If the baby clothes is hard to take off, will slowly in the class feel very frustrated, because other children will dress himself, but always do yourself is bad, seriously affect the baby's mental health. Note 1 to choose and buy baby products. Shoes of choose and buy, must choose size appropriate, too big to make the baby fell down, too easy to affect the baby's foot bones. It is best to choose to have hook and loop, convenient baby wear off. Don't give the baby to buy hole hole shoes, great for children of danger. 2. Choose and buy clothes, must choose loose clothes, best buy cotton clothes, more comfortable breathe freely, hurt the baby and delicate skin, there's much less likely. 3. Pants of choose and buy, had better be to choose loose trousers head cotton pants, trousers head and pay attention to not too tight, is conducive to the toilet take off baby is convenient. Seasonal change, baby clothing attention point 1. The baby's body temperature adjustment function is poor, so can't give the baby to take off the clothes, always keep an eye on the baby's body, to the baby's hand warm no sweat for the standard. 2. Baby according to their own physical condition to think that increase or decrease in clothes, how much and don't see other people's house children wear, feel their own children wearing inappropriate, because each child's constitution is different. 3. When the baby body sweating, don't immediately take off a lot of clothes, so it is easy to make the baby catch a cold. 4. For baby clothes, baby activity up to feel comfortable, don't let the clothes too much bound to the baby can't normal activity, this will affect the healthy growth of baby

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