Bike what place need to use glue Velcro back

by:BAILI     2020-10-02
Guest: hello, we are in the production of bicycles, now want to new planning a accessories, is built the pedal there hui: hello, we are a professional manufacturer of back glue Velcro. The pedals is reminiscent of fixed effect there? Guest: yes, sometimes cycling, sole slippery, will slide down from the pedals, what to have to hold the built hui: should be able to, next, try to use back glue Velcro back glue hook and loop convenient use, one that is open, transverse tensile and is strong, can bear the strength of the foot, the other a back glue hook and loop tightness can be adjusted. Guest: use on the bike, it is better to have a reflective effect, built hui: can, can the car reflective material, machining process, after we have to stick of gum magic processed into right with you. Bicycle is convenient to use, and can when exercise, and environmental protection low carbon travel, so once again walk into people's life. Just now bicycle is more and more fashionable pursuit, the price is expensive. Stepping on a bicycle to travel, can't depart from the mobile phone, some need to bring goods into a bear, but counsel makers, there is a back glue hook and loop bag broken with these troubles for you. The back glue Velcro package called saddle bag, because the building line to use methods like once saddles, now have to admire, as long as you think not didn't do. Using the back glue Velcro convenient loading and unloading, even put the mobile phone can stick on it in the bag, but remind here, because the bike will shake in the walk, inside of mobile phone is more important, such as some are a little weight, so advocate using good quality glue Velcro back
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