By using the principle of Velcro solution to bent down to pick up tennis

by:BAILI     2020-11-05

play tennis it may not make you feel tired, but bent down to pick up the ball is a hassle, pick up the waist aches. From South Korea to pick up a tennis ball stick to take full advantage of the characteristics of tennis, hairy, and the principle of Velcro, solved the problem of the bent down to pick up the ball well. Seonghyun Kim and Yunjo Yu two designers design of this '' Tennis' Picker 'stick to pick up the ball will be tape and Velcro merge together, like a band-aid, one side is the adhesive tape, one side is the hook and loop stickers, the side effect of remove the tape when using, paste it on top of the Tennis racket, the other side of the Velcro can be fluffy Tennis stick, province bend over. Seemingly perfect design, but in fact you can see the professional tennis players have their own skills to pick up the ball, the design of the Velcro might be more effective for the lazy novice new ball, and if it is not new tennis, maomao has dropped, the design may be ineffective. In addition, the hook and loop can bear the weight of the tennis is a debatable issue. Anyway, the product design thinking is very clever, once solve the problem of similar to the above, may well become a waist support artifact. What do you think?

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