Cambodian political and economic stability of the new factory Numbers keep growing

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
As the Cambodian political, social, and the trend of economic stability, the ( 2016). In the first quarter in Cambodia industry and handicraft newly registered plant a total of 40, the number of new factory keep growing. According to a report by the industry and handicraft department, this ( 2016). During January to march, a total of 54 owner to apply for registration of the factory, but in the end only 40 factories successful registration. Director-general of the department of industry and handicraft industry, says Mr Han Ping ( 2016). Registered in the first quarter of the new factory is ( 2015). Year growth, reflect the situation of the domestic political and social and economic stability. Han Ping secretary, said full-year 2015, registered in industry and handicraft department new factory 1450, also increased significantly. It is reported that the national investment in Cambodia factory involved in areas including food factory, beverage factory, tobacco factory, textile mills, garment factories, shoe factory, bag factory, paper mill factory, following enterprise and other industrial fields.
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