Cars with 3 m glue Velcro back light protection against play mat mat door fixed installation of strong fastening

by:BAILI     2020-10-20
New 'environmental law' more than a year early effective carrying out according to the voice of China 'news and the newspaper' reported that the environmental protection act implementation evaluation report released yesterday. According to the report, the new journal of environmental law implementation for more than a year, has preliminarily reshape order of environmental protection of the rule of law, environmental law enforcement and slow but supporting regulations enacted ability construction lag issues, has a negative impact on the implementation of the law. Was involved in the new 'environmental protection law' legislation practice work of environmental resource law of China university of politics and law institute professor introduce Mr. Wang, the assessment report, released by the Chinese university of political science and law, renmin university of China, after six universities in third-party assessment. According to the report, the new 'environmental law' for more than a year, carrying out basic effectively curb illegal behavior, serious environmental preliminary restore order to the environmental protection of the rule of law. Especially meter by the day, seize to seize new measures such as strict, cured environmental law enforcement agencies over the years of tough 'have to' ills. Law school of renmin university of China professor ZhuXiao introduced: ZhuXiao: the country implemented a total of 4191 seized seized, administrative detention is a total of 2079 pieces, transfer of a suspected criminal case is 1685. But the report also suggested that the new 'environmental law' established 'protection priority' principle in some places still stay on paper. Mr. Wang is put forward, the economic downward pressure can lead to local deregulation. At the same time, some necessary regulation over slowly, now with the new 'environmental law' does not adapt the law on the prevention and control of water pollution, the Marine environmental protection law must be revised as soon as possible. Mr. Wang: such as pollutant discharge permit system performs well, it is because there is no specific procedures and methods, so the progress of the year is not too big. Zhong-mei, deputy director of the national committee of the Chinese society and law committee, said the pollution of the environment risk assessment, the basis of the system is also lack of implementation of this work is constantly advancing. Such as the heavy metal pollution survey carried out this year, it will give to perfect the related system will provide important basic materials. Zhong-mei: it will be responsible for the environment and human health risk of part of the investigation. This survey data, the basis of the future will be the implementation of the system to provide the premise for us.
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