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by:BAILI     2020-10-09
The use of hook and loop, in this industry is in the majority of casual shoes, because the Velcro is more convenient, and the design is relatively simple, so a lot of manufacturers in the design of shoes, can choose Velcro instead of LACES. Believe that everyone should be aware that now the use of Velcro industry is most footwear, but the shoes in the majority use hook and loop as an ornament or recreational shoe, but rarely as a market basis points by other style of shoes. hook and loop is actually the cause more frequently used in casual shoes, is the class of the diverse styles, Velcro can vary according to the design of the recreational shoe, to comprehensive considerations on the use of magic on the casual shoes, but not other footwear, take high heels! High heels required is delicate, noble, beautiful, and Velcro itself belongs to compare the leisure class, so high heels aren't too is suitable for the use of Velcro. That we how to choose the right Velcro shoes! Velcro shoes on the most important in addition to shoes material ZhiBen outside concerns the quality of the Velcro, if Velcro quality no problem that we can rest assured the choose and buy the most. Velcro appraisal to the quality of the material density do judgment: should play the hook and loop to identify ways of quality: 1, first of all, we need to check the hook wool density shows status, and to observe the rigidity of baseband, in plain words, is to see the hook and loop weaving is strong. 2, the second is the material problem, the main view, from two sides porosities under normal circumstances, the two sides, the more closely, the quality of the Velcro is, the better. 3, when check the quality of the Velcro is good with nylon material, followed by polyester material, both the hook and loop utilization rate of material is good. 4, adhesive synthesis, nylon and polyester mix material performance is very good also, look at the single side adhesive synthesis, generally with comparison method, or use electronic measurement are compared; Again to see if double match closely, paying special attention to color fastness. Sell textiles have a lot of high quality Velcro, huan drink to the masses of customers to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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