Characteristics of Velcro fastening belt

by:BAILI     2020-09-18
hook and loop fastening belt features of Velcro fastening belt features mainly include three aspects, it is reflect the comprehensive index of the product quality, so need to know when is hook and loop procurement. First, the product features: 1, resistant to high temperature washing, yellowing resistance, resistant to sunlight. 2, stable quality, uniform brush, not easy broken wires, transverse tensile firmly closed. 3, hook neat surface, cut fixed hook Angle, make the hook bite probability increase, MAO sticky guaranteed. Late 4, the product is good, hook hair bite can reach more than ten thousand times. 5, the product USES the environmental protection raw material production, azo free, 不含偶氮) , do not contain heavy metals. Second, the physical properties - Test material with 100% nylon fastening tape: heat melting point: hook: 230 ℃ MAO: 180 ℃, 93 ℃ to - 56. Within 7 ℃ can last 1000 hours. Cold resistance: - 20 ℃ can still be used, the more the strength of low temperature tension, but lower durability. Water resistance: keep 50% of the tension in the water, after drying can be fully recovered. Resistance: alkaline soda 50%, ammonia 28%, hydrochloric acid, 2. Nitric acid, 5% 3. Less than 5% can still function. Third, high temperature dyeing fastness: every resistant fastness, washing fastness are up to 3. 5 + - hook and loop - suppliers Velcro - hook and loop fasteners
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