Clinical nursing is with Velcro cable tie

by:BAILI     2020-09-27
Clinical nursing in use Velcro cable tie in respiratory medicine is a kind of blood analysis nursing operation, often judge whether the body is the symptom such as the degree of disorder of acid-base balance and lack of oxygen, diagnosis and treatment for patients to provide accurate information. When we draw blood, the doctor will charge us with cotton pin hole for a few minutes, if have enough time or press the right way, can make the patient discomfort appears haematoma, repeated puncture in patients with arterial blood is blood vessel formation scleroma, elastic is not good, high viscosity against clinical puncture operation. So to master puncture technique, postoperative compression method is very important, Velcro cable tie can help puncture operator. Commonly used even when the pain of patients in anime blood more than ten minutes on the puncture point, pressure is not strong enough lead to blood vessels, according to the pressure for congress to make patients have pain, so, in order to avoid the next use press the puncture point, arterial blood sampling points can be pressed in magic he brings. To transform traditional use cotton ball latter spinning human press way, using new hook and loop cable tie wrap spinning oppression puncture point found that the effect is good, in the animation after blood, first use of a folded yarn on the puncture point, and then at the site of the puncture point on hook and loop cable tie for 15 to 20 minutes, to prevent the patients to press time is likely to press in the right position, increase patient comfort. Patients in the use of Velcro cable tie will have comfort, satisfaction improved, no phenomenon such as hematoma, changing the press at the same time, must strengthen the propaganda work, to alleviate pain, lest produce patients during the period of the use of Velcro cable tie to removal stretch stick hemostatic effect.
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