Color Velcro blended Velcro characteristics

by:BAILI     2020-09-12
Color hook and loop blended hook and loop characteristics specifications: 10 - 150 mm material: nylon/polyester blended features: spot color as many as 300 species, among which 20 mm and 25 mm there are 300 species, 200 kinds of 100 mm, other specifications and color is less, the color in addition to the basic color, can meet the customer provide the PANTONE ( The international color card) Color number or actual standard color sample custom-made. Key words: blended Velcro, copper hook hook and loop specification: 12. 5 - 180 mm material: 50% nylon + 50% polyester features: adhesive number up to 5000 times, 2000 times not to drop hair, don't off the hook, color fastness is up to 3. 5 +, convenient processing, strong adhesive force, high cost performance.
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