Cotton fabric textile analysis why total yellow?

by:BAILI     2020-10-20
Cotton fabric textile analysis why total yellow? Analysis the cause of cotton fabric yellowing, mainly include: 1, fiber degradation: because of heat, light and other radiation, chemical degradation and biological degradation effect and make the fiber. 2, additives, such as softening agent, oil, lubricants, resin, fluorescent whitening agent and metal compounds cause yellowing and color change. 3, atmospheric pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and ozone yellowing caused by impact. 4, transmission of the pollutants: yellow content of the original yellow pigment from contact paper, cardboard, plastic film or plastic bag and used as atone washing pumice to fabric. 5, consumers of the pollutants, such as sweating and from family to washing and bleaching of the residue. During the period of storage, with phenol class the yellowing of the most common. During the period of storage from cardboard, paper or plastic film sort of transmission to the fabric such as packing material or butyl hydroxy toluene/phenol compounds 二叔丁基对甲酚) Original yellow pigment, and on it due to the effect of nitrogen, oxidation and nitro phenol compounds or 1, 2 - Yellow product, which is formed by the two styrene alkaline environment better. Phenol class yellowed with pure bright yellow color, has the largest at 420 ~ 450 nm absorption properties, and its exposure to light or ozone fade. Yellow product dissolved in warm water and in polar solvent such as alcohol, and the pH value of 5 or lower acid medium into a colorless.
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