Count back glue Velcro a variety of common use

by:BAILI     2020-09-22
Count back glue Velcro a variety of common use in detail back glue Velcro back glue Velcro in the life of the different categories of various kinds, different USES are also quite different. Today we came through the different categories to learn more about this kind of product. 1. Viscose nylon Velcro strap belongs to a kind of ordinary hook and loop, it is the purpose of the inside of a species, its use range is very wide, furniture, medical, health care, household, clothing, shoes, hats, building materials, hardware, plastics, textiles, hairdressing, children's clothes, bags, etc. Can be normal Velcro. 2. Back glue Velcro USES is very wide: but back glue Velcro need joint interface is has the certain conditions, necessary joint in smooth interface, and the temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant or temperature shoulds not be too low interface, suitable for glue joint interface, back glue Velcro glue has several levels, like ordinary glue, the glue water, according to the measured temperature. So therefore they use is different also, according to the ordinary glue is used on smooth glass interface, if it is a special adhesive is used in not very smooth interface, if is according to the measured temperature of glue, then find a suitable for his interface! 3. Injection hook and a fleece Velcro purpose is quite widespread, usually shoot hook hook and loop are generally used in baby clothes, used as a fastener, while the fleece USES is very wide, it can be used in baby clothes, also can be used in pajamas, pillow, towel, scarf and so on other items. 4. Velcro cable tie USES is quite widespread, we usually see a lot more tie, they are all plastic or rope type, but we did not find that there is a very worthy of our attention to the rope, Velcro cable tie, elastic ribbon, etc. The cable tie it is a very worth mining and use, we will use the lace is simple and convenient to pack our wire and items, then choose the Velcro cable tie is a kind of pursuit of our life, as long as it is no need to tie, Velcro cable tie can tie!
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