Customer said 'back glue Velcro viscous no'?

by:BAILI     2020-10-29
Back glue Velcro viscous effect, small make up the time to mail the samples many clients call, the phone sure don't have to guess, do business people to know, this is a bad phenomenon, why are most of customers to call to consult the back glue Velcro viscous effect is not so good, small make up to hear a little hard to understand, how can appear this kind of circumstance, consulting the customer what is behind the back glue Velcro test effect of viscous, just from the mouth of the customers come to the conclusion that the back glue Velcro test also should pay attention to certain techniques, know the reason after guide customers how to correct operation of back glue Velcro viscosity test, the result is mostly can reach the demand of the viscosity, only a few are not enough, so small make up today to prevent problems occur at times, small make up to introduce back glue hook and loop viscous effect is how to correctly test, content is as follows: first of all, we must first understand the characteristics of the back glue Velcro, back glue Velcro used for pressure sensitive glue, glue according to the features of glue we determine appropriate test standard. The first point: guarantee the surface clean and tidy with no foreign body, if you have any foreign body or joint surface moisture will affect the viscosity of glue. The second point: the joint when appropriate under pressure and with his finger, because in pressure-sensitive adhesive used for the first time to use must have the strength to make a good contact with glue and materials. The third point: joint after 24 hours to test again the viscous effects, hot melt adhesive needs certain time after laminating glue molecular motion firmly penetrating joint surface material, only viscous effect after penetration. Actually there are many reasons leading to poor back glue hook and loop viscous effects, product problems, hype, manufacturers, and so on these, to know is that a serious check every detail, whether caused by improper operation or whether the product itself, these are all we need to carefully check, is well above the normal test back glue Velcro sticky way, hope to have moved to you, if you have any demand welcome to inquire the hook and loop.
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