Cycling shorts with Velcro is the most simple and reliable

by:BAILI     2020-11-07

mountain bike shorts are often with a variety of functions. Here, we suggest you to consider first is your regular riding type, and what features to this type of riding. We recommend that you buy the shorts the function of the one and only you need. Fancy functions are often out of the way and increase the price of the shorts. For off-road riding and endurance racing driver, they tend to carry a water bag bag, don't need a pocket on the shorts. But most downhill riders to ride on a bicycle park with the package, they wish to have several shorts zipper pockets, let them take a set of bicycle tools or they are used to record Strava ( Note: a record and analyze your cycling data website, riding on a smartphone software or GPS data, and then uploaded to the site analysis) Data of the equipment. If you don't consider you ride, we suggest that the pants pocket with zipper seal, instead of hook and loop or no seal. We don't suggest you without a seal on your pocket any valuable items besides energy bars, because when you scream at the mountain biking in rock zone, the pocket thing will often quietly dropped out. We test all cycling shorts are adjusting the structure to allow you to adjust the waist elastic waist. For when you are racing to ensure shorts to stay in a reasonable position is very important. Often can see, we also recommend, is to use glue in the belt of the hook and loop on the elastic to adjust. If the Velcro on the outside of belt, the adjusted when you ride, it will be very funny in your clothes. If the hook and loop hidden in the inside of the belt, they though it is not easy to stick the wrong place, a fashionable appearance, but if you don't unbutton your pants can't adjust. We test the shorts and with other structure adjustment, nylon belt from simple to the complex expensive BOA rotary table. After contrast test, we recommend a simple reliable Velcro elastic adjusting structure of cycling shorts and recommend the use of this structure.

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