Describe the basic information of the magic stick

by:BAILI     2020-09-23
Elaborated the basic information of the Velcro stickers and fastening belt, clothes in our daily lives in a common connection accessories, molecular mother two sides, one side is a small soft round wool fibre, one side is a hard bristle with hook. It is generally used in clothing, shoes, gloves, sofas, transport, aviation supplies, sleeping bags, sports equipment, audio equipment, medical equipment, tents, BMX sheath, all kinds of military products, electronic wire, chargers, display equipment, etc. Velcro and products of modern science and technology have close relations, as the change of times, it is the application of electronic technology industry and its important role, has caused many electronic products using hook and loop cable tie, the form of design in different fields, such as following from paste, backpack paste, etc. Velcro is a named George DE - Max he invented by engineers. A chance, let he found the needle grass stick on own clothes, go home after using the microscope is a kind of hooked needle tail grass structure to hook clothes, so he thought of hook can be fixed MAO. hook and loop was born. In the industry technique called snap button, is a kind of connection common bags clothing accessories, under the action of stress, elastic hook is straight, loose and open from the loop pile, then slowly back to the original hook type, and can reach a lot of time. hook and loop function a lot that appear in various industries, different areas of its name is also different, generally called Velcro, domestic Hong Kong likes to call it the fastening belt.
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