Describes the production process of back glue Velcro and advantage

by:BAILI     2020-09-24
Production process and advantage of back glue Velcro back glue Velcro development trend is getting better and better now, there are a lot of businessmen want to seize this opportunity, will own brand grew, only their own goods reflects the advantages between peers, consumers will buy, there are a lot of businessmen were eliminated from the competition, this is because their products have no characteristic, and do good business on market has lagged a lot, so their business will be more and more bad, but also has a lot of companies, take the textile co. , LTD. , their products have many advantages, can satisfy the demands of consumers, when they buy for the first time can firmly hold their eyes, and if they want to buy the product again, it will come to your shop to buy back glue Velcro is the little things in our life, but there is a big value, it plays a huge role in many areas, like now of the medical industry, we are sick in the hospital to hang water, can be found to bind infusion bag or bottle before surgical tape all replaced by Velcro, so patients can according to their own needs to adjust the height of the infusion bag or bottle, very comfortable. A lot of people on the performance of the back glue Velcro didn't know, let's meet back glue Velcro. Back glue Velcro at the time of processing through layer upon layer of working procedure, to make it first materials germ band, germ band density must grasp, when making good germ band density is very close, when you pull it with the hand, the ductility of them is not great, the germ band is good, the germ band done is going to paint it, the color can do according to the needs of the consumers, very flexible, coloring process shall be carried out in advanced equipment, good color fastness of hook and loop is very good, want to it can be put into use, it's the quality of the color fastness to 5 star. After finish color is the hook surface and the surface of the hair to make it, the production of relatively simple, MAO attached villi to wear, then use glue, an increase of the density and the volume, hook the production also need to finalize the design, after finalize the design with sliced tools to cut the hook into the same height, so that make to product quality is very good. Velcro has three advantages: 1. Big viscosity: before you put the two sides together, their viscosity is very big, you want to use a lot of effort to open them. 2. Easy to use: what do you want to tighten it can tighten, want to open it open, and the number of paste can reach tens of thousands of times. 3. Protective: making its material is very soft, so when bundled can slow down the impact. To understand the back glue hook and loop so many features, believe that we at the time of use can be more skilled.
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