Detailed interpretation of the magic stick the Velcro cable tie usage have what difference

by:BAILI     2020-10-25
For 'three Velcro buckle fastening belt' this problem, more than one person on the Internet said understand the question, some people will ask: what is Velcro buckle, some people will ask: what item fastening belt ( Velcro) With much more special, so that some people will ask: the principle of Velcro fastening belt is what? , the usage is the same? In Velcro cable tie is widely used in everyday life, whether it is a tall on the field of aerospace, electronic apparatus and instruments; Or close to the life of furniture, clothes and so on all has the widespread application. So how to correctly use the Velcro cable tie is to ensure that the Velcro cable tie use effect and the primary premise of life. In general, the new back glue Velcro cable tie is a failure will not happen, Velcro cable tie on the sticky eyewinker IDE when cleaning or stolen goods, but it is important to note that when cleaning stick good Velcro cable tie, protect the Velcro cable tie to come into contact with water, only in this way can effectively prevent the Velcro cable tie failure, at the same time, pay attention to when cleaning the best can effectively avoid corrosive detergent. Velcro as the name implies it has the function of paste. When you put it off when there is a tear tearing sound, its application is very extensive, one of the most common is on clothes. Some of the clothes often have a splicing cloth. Has a strong pull Velcro cable tie, this kind of Velcro cable tie is mainly to avoid strenuous exercise easily split, or movement tore open damageable problem. Therefore in the process of using hook and loop cable tie tear about Velcro cable tie of avoid by all means, because it is easy to make the Velcro cable tie hook broken leading to failure or hard can let a hook and loop cable tie with corset apart. Gently open the Velcro cable tie is to open up and down the right way, this way is not Velcro cable tie is helpless. This kind of cloth is divided into two sides, one side is more soft, another side is hook flower, sometimes when the hole on the clothes, the hook and loop also come in handy. Not only that, but on some other clothes also can have its existence. Such as hats, gloves, shoes etc. 。 。 If your clothes too drab, you also can consider to use magic stick for you to decorate, Velcro is closely connected with our life. If you often use magic stick to this kind of product of time certainly will find, there are some products in the field of this kind of quality must be up to environmental standards. At the same time, don't let the hook and loop cable tie to rough surface, have dirt, catkin objects of this type of work, because it is easy to make its viscosity decreased, shorten its service life; And for daily use of the bearing is important to note that not more than Velcro cable tie its hands limit; And corrosive liquids or objects placed together, thank you are easy to make the Velcro cable tie the shorten service life.
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