Different areas for a back to back Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-22
Different term development of different regions for back to back Velcro quickly back to back Velcro magic back-to-back discount is very fast, in the development of many of the areas of them, we are using them at the same time, also enjoying our life, because we have a trouble to use them, compared with the previous cable tie, back to back Velcro, because tie when using only tightened, cannot open, if we tied up in the wrong position is going to cut it, it's very waste material, but will not appear such circumstance, it is more flexible, as if they were in our garment industry used instead of zipper or button, people can according to your own arm thickness to adjust the size of the cuff, very flexible, so the cable tie on market now has to be back to back Velcro to replace. Actually began a back to back Velcro is called vic, this is according to the translation of the English name of it, this product was born in a foreign country, just enter into our country has always been the English name, communication up very trouble, so its English name is translated into Chinese, this is more convenient, different areas have different name for it, like hook and loop, sticky strap button, snap button, male female, AB, yuanyang fastener, fastener, male and female buckle and so on, these names are given according to the characteristics of the product, the product is composed of two sides, one side is small with a plastic hook, one side is with soft fur, the joint of the two surfaces together and when not to use less effort can separate the two sides, the above name is accord with the characteristics of the product. Back to back Velcro name, some people are not very hungry, familiar with different way, will not be able to immediately after hearing the reaction come over, they would be laughed, and is also a problem for businesses, for a variety of online there are many words also is to describe the product, like yao post, the devil, hook and loop, when your product is not the same as the words and the words, actually the product is the same, the others will think that your product is not what they want, would not have bought, very many different kinds of Velcro in the market now, back to back of the product is just one of them, some gum, mushroom head products, all of these are summarized from a manufacturer in actual use, their performance is also different, so we're going to see when trying to choose the specific use of the product, or buy back is not for my own use which model is more embarrassing.
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