Different industries should choose different back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-15
Many people don't understand how to buy back glue Velcro, they try a kind of material of a kind of material, can meet the requirements. In fact there are a lot of disadvantages, this your product used in which aspects? How long does it use? Is likely to be thoughtless. Today is to talk about the pros and cons of various back glue hook and loop material: polyester advantages: 1. Cheap polyester weakness: 1. Flammable. 2. Finished product sticky strap a hard. 3. Do manual work is coarser, there will be a reel off raw silk from cocoons or fringed edge. 4. Bonding strength compared to the poor. Blended advantages: 1. Moderately priced. 2. The applicable range. 3. Bonding strength is better than polyester. Blended disadvantages: 1. Occasional spins or fringed, less. Nylon advantages: 1. Bonding strength is better than blended. 2. Delicate appearance. 3. Stripping the number at more than 2000 times. 4. Basic no reel off raw silk from cocoons or fringed edge, and so on and so forth. Nylon disadvantages: 1. The price is more expensive. So when you need to purchase back glue hook and loop, need to consider what? Besides function can apply, also need to consider the following: 1. Applicable if there is any special environment, such as the load weight is bigger, so adopting blended yarn and nylon as far as possible, or the surrounding temperature high or will touch on Mars, you will need to use prevent flame retardant viscose strap. 2. Stripping, few people consider the factors, generally will not be big problem. But if you are with the frequent dissection in military uniform, or circumstances, it should use nylon or special military fastening belt. 3. In use in baby products is to consider flexibility, so as not to hurt the baby's skin, it should be the use of special baby back glue hook and loop. 4. If you use on the shoes, then try to use nylon material, because the nylon material bonding strength is stronger.
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