Digital technologies in wearable devices and the development of sports industry

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
The next big sporting goods industry is one of the challenges and opportunities of using digital technology potential to generate power. Action type of science and technology and wearable devices are changing at the speed of fast meng sports and sports undertakings. The games au ( WFSGI) Visited the Wearable Technologies AG executive Wearable technology expert Christian Stammel. 1. Christian, we should understand the term 'wearable technology', how would you describe this phenomenon - how much is referring to the 'digital revolution'? We define the wearable technology is close to the body, or even on the body of the electronic device in the body. In addition, in terms of wearable devices, we store to see more and more digital data, and pay more attention to software, not only in the trend of the hardware. This is a smart move, because it means that the wearable device only needs less storage space, which in turn means that the equipment can be smaller, lighter, and only needs less energy. In addition, wearable equipment's ability to interact with their wisdom environment, increase the value of user equipment. 2. What is the importance of wearable technology device? The market look like? You can evaluate the wearable technology in the sports industry? In the past few years, we've seen the wearable technology the healthy growth of the market. Sports industry has been the market has always been one of the most important market segment, and is the first use of consumer goods to make real profits. The latest research report estimates that in 2020 the whole market scale up to about $30 billion to $173 billion (about It may be changed by considering different product categories) 。 For the sports industry, we only to fitness tracking a single product research, forecast in 2019 years ago the size of its market minimum can be up to $54 billion. 3. For what is the meaning of this industry will be? Wearable devices is not a traditional sports with products: it can lead to further diversified sporting goods industry? Early movement USES wearable device just for semi-professional and professional athletes. Today, a wider range of ethnic groups are interested in using the wearable devices to stay slim. For these products retail a challenging factor is that they need to end some more sales information system ( 销售点) It may also be difficult to find the right position in the retail space. Is running with a wearable device, you should put together with the running gear. But, find a place for general fitness trackers, even look like jewelry. Best Buy have done a great job, how to do this it is a good example, although it is not a sporting goods retailer, when it comes to sales level, retailers can learn a lot from it. Great thing is, however, wearable device would promote new customer base into the outlets, because for wider public today, they have become a parts of life. 4. Retail how to cope with the digital transformation? LPOS teaching is the key, and good after-sales service. In the latter case, we see some app application has great potential. But we also see the actual retail business is becoming more and more digital. All major sporting goods company in preparation for the transformation of the block, like adidas recent acquisition of Runtastic MapMyFitness hypoallergenic m&a. 5. Wearable technology how to change the movement experience? In fact, you know you have been with less technology and equipment to complete everything. Cheating seems to be difficult; Even if you're training for themselves, you will get really realize their ideas. Now, the device can give guidance as a coach, digital and help people quickly and achieve their goals more effectively. Ideally, they will not change the actual experience, but only to improve your overall experience. Data into consideration, the environment, for example, your wearable device can tell you, the urban haze is too high not suitable for go out running, and you are advised to run on this day in the city. This is just one example, but the application situation of power to users can be huge, and is a very positive and beneficial experience. 6. Do you have any data to prove the wearable technology will have much influence on physical activity participation fitness USES wearable device its social influence is huge, can change the actual implementation way of life, especially for the non-professional people engaged in sports. However, studies show that people often use the wearable device only three months, then they will never back again. This is why the device is so important, the situation of application of wisdom force in order to let users keep interest. Now, a number of medical treatment insurance is appropriate to the use of fitness tracker for tools, although we do not know for them, is this the right way, for personal use such products can have a big personal interests. However, because of everything related to the movement, tracker does not work hard for you, such as like the right diet and regular exercise. 。 。 。 。 。 But it will definitely inspire you.
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