Discern the stand or fall of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-09
Discern the stand or fall of Velcro! Velcro is widely used in our life, has brought a lot of convenience to our life. I believe that a lot of friends have had purchase experiences, Velcro, although is a small piece, but the quality is good or bad, is not necessarily every Velcro manufacturer to produce a hook and loop is good, here small make up teach you what time today, how to distinguish the quality of the Velcro. In general we are divided into three aspects. 1, double check the density of MAO, we need to observe the rigidity of baseband, that is to say whether solidly hook and loop weaving. Hook wool density generally controls on Velcro equipment and raw materials. 2, the material, the female face and the male density into degrees below also largely reflects the stand or fall of Velcro, in general, female face and the closer male face, is that the good performance of the hook and loop, is on the market. Velcro on the material composition of nylon brush with eyes nylon brush, nylon as well, using polyester has processed; Can discern the stand or fall of material with the hand, usually with a softer is good material. 3, glue, nylon and polyester mix material performance is very good also, look at the single side adhesive synthesis, generally with comparison method, or use electronic measurement are compared; Again to see if double match closely, paying special attention to color fastness. Color fastness is actually refers to the process and use of textile color in the process of resistance, popular, is the degree of fade. If the textiles do not fade, the color fastness to high. On the other hand, is refers to the color fastness is low. Generally speaking, the color fastness is also check the hierarchy of textiles. hook and loop, of course, is also the color fastness, color fastness of Velcro are generally not more than 5 levels, this is because there are a lot of Velcro is applied to medical supplies, such as needle or blood pressure, blood pressure is high to the requirement of color fastness.
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