Do you know the correct use of self-adhesive Velcro? _

by:BAILI     2021-04-15

In daily life, if you want to extend the use effect and service life of the adhesive Velcro, it is very important to master the correct use method. Generally speaking, the new Velcro tape will not fail. When washing, you must pay attention to sticking the Velcro in order to clean it, and can effectively prevent the Velcro from failing, and can effectively avoid the corrosive emulsion during washing.

Powerful adhesive Velcro, the main purpose of this adhesive Velcro is to prevent jumping during exercise. Therefore, tearing off the adhesive Velcro in the left and right directions will cause the adhesive Velcro to disengage, and cause malfunction or force will cause the adhesive Velcro and the corset to tear. Remember, the correct way to open the Velcro is to open it up and down. This is a low-sound and easy-to-open method! Remember not to pull it left or right. This will lead to improper use of Velcro, and buyers mistakenly believe that Velcro is not durable or has quality problems.

Here, we will introduce the traditional sewing process of adhesive Velcro accessories in the following way: Sewing Velcro is a common product in Velcro. The Velcro is sewn by a sewing machine. This becomes a sewing Velcro, and then in the field of clothing, this kind of hook and loop is also the most commonly used, and the matching of this kind of Velcro on the clothing can improve the performance of the clothing to a certain extent. , Also makes the overall clothing look more beautiful. With the application of Velcro in our lives, it has brought us great convenience. Of course, we are also constantly innovating in this field. I believe that it will be easier to use adhesive Velcro in our lives in the future.

Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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