Do you know the correct way of using the back glue Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-09-17
In daily life, to get back the use of glue hook and loop effect and service life is longer, so the right using method are very important, in general, the new magic stick a failure is not going to happen, but it is important to note that when wash good Velcro, such ability can be washed, can effectively prevent failure, but also can effectively avoid when wash corrosive detergent. Powerful pull Velcro, if this kind of magic TieZhu popped open design to prevent movement time. So tear left and right magic stick that can hook hook and loop broken leading to failure or hard will let the Velcro and corset apart. So remember Velcro simply open way is to open up and down the right. This is a small voice at the same time easy to open the way! Don't or so forcibly torn, this will lead to improper use, the buyer is wrong think Velcro is durable and belong to the quality problems. Here we introduce Velcro accessories, by the way of a kind of traditional sewing technology: sewing thread gluing tape is a common product of Velcro, Velcro on it a sewing machine for sewing in sewing so hook and loop, and then in the field of clothing, this kind of Velcro is the most common use, and dress collocation of the magic stick to improve the performance of clothing to a certain extent, also make the garment overall looks more beautiful. Application with hook and loop in our life, brings us great convenience, of course, we in this aspect is also constantly innovation, believe that our lives more in the future should use magic stick.
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