Do you know the Velcro cable tie it structure can help repair the damaged heart

by:BAILI     2020-10-27
Daily ordinary life we have no instrument to tie moment with his weapons equipment, may be necessary to lift some devices, like some people in the gym time need to use some tape is ribbon tie rod. Then merchants to is the need to send clear hook and loop cable tie this equipment, you can know the purpose of the Velcro cable tie is not used in our daily life, Velcro cable tie in Canada by the engineering personnel to the latest development of a biological compatibility support, it will like Velcro cable tie into beating heart cells 'buckle' together, so that the assembly of functional heart tissue becomes like a shoe buckle. It led to the Velcro cable tie to make people more trust the hook and loop. Participate in the research of chemical engineering, university of Toronto, doctoral description says to the reporter, the heart of many strips myocardial fibers woven, 'if a single fiber as a one-dimensional structure, ( Repair the damaged heart) The second step is to create a 2 d structure, then assemble them into a three-dimensional structure. 'He not only can be used in the field of all kinds of sample attached below can help you to all kinds of instruments, can be applied to the industries, such as toys, gloves, what activities, plastic electronics, zhang ping, shoes, dress up, many many instruments and so on, are doing well, said outside you see if you can use your imagination to facilitate your career, and very pleasing to the eye, stick at the same time also can help avoid the sole of the foot even tried stretching, can be useful to cover their feet hurt, this is a brief and close the program, everybody everyday mundane can look for in career. Everyone remember are out side! The advantage of technology in three aspects: 'Velcro' structure makes the myocardial tissue more rapid assembly; Allows cells aggregate into myocardial tissue for strip fiber, superposition of several layers of grid similar to the spring, the cells on the scalable to beat; Optional assembly and disassembly of the function can be used in many research fields. Technology will eventually be used to create can repair the damaged heart tissue, its modular nature can make it easier for custom grafts for the patient. These tiny module or can build a future surgery needed any size of the organization, and a biodegradable polymer scaffold itself, will gradually break down and be absorbed by human body in just a few months.
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