Don't grab type characteristics of the fastening belt

by:BAILI     2020-09-29
Don't grab type fastening belt, that is, we often say no cloth fastening belt, is a kind of terry type fastening belt, it is only a rough, no hook surface. And said don't grab the characteristics of the fastening belt is very much, this is also depends on the type of fastening with unique characteristics. Next, let's explain carefully don't grab type fastening belt. 1. Sunshine bath, yellowing resistance, high-temperature resistance 2. Washable and rubbing. Quality is stable, not easy broken wires. 4. The bristles even 5. Horizontal, vertical strip tension, firmly closed in city textile don't catch hair sticky strap products, for example, don't catch hair sticky strap of hair surface is neat, not mixed and disorderly, durable, can be said to be a sticky strap high-grade products, can be widely used in brand clothing, bags, electronic products and other fields of science and technology. Specializing in the production, sells each kind of back glue Velcro, stamping Velcro, such as injection hook hook and loop, Velcro product variety qi, the specification entire, high quality, color sample. Velcro back glue Velcro, blunt type, injection hook Velcro service hot line: 0769 - 22013784 / Mr Liang. ( This site keywords: back glue Velcro, stamping hook and loop, penetrate hook Velcro manufacturer, fastening belt manufacturer, hook and loop, fastening belt, back glue Velcro, back adhesive cingulate, Velcro cable tie)
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