Elastic fastening belt ( Elastic Velcro) How much money, elastic fastening belt discuss details

by:BAILI     2020-10-30
Elastic fastening belt is a kind of garment accessories, is a narrow fabric with longitudinal elastic elongation property sector with fabric, also called scalable fastening belt. According to the weaving method is divided into woven elastic, knitted elastic tape, woven elastic band. Particularly suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothing, sweater, uniforms, suits, wedding dresses, T - The T-shirt, hat, chest circumference, masks and other clothing products. In fact, the elastic fastening belt price is different and the result of multiple factors, some good quality, the production technology of big manufacturer was much better than the average, its price is more expensive than the general nature, and how much you need to lose also affect the price, if the quantity is more elastic fastening belt the price can be preferential point. So the specific how many money? Also according to your actual situation, so you can look for a professional manufacturer of elastic fastening belt to consult, such as: sea textiles. Elastic fastening belt price is important, but more to the point you need to consider the quality problem of the elastic fastening belt, if you spent money to buy some can't use the product back instead is to increase the cost. So this is all matters needing attention. Elastic fastening belt product introduction elastic fastening belt product name: elastic Velcro strap elastic fastening belt production process: cutting, drops of glue, slitting, packaging elastic fastening belt features: delicate and cabinet, convenient and practical material quality: 100% nylon elastic fastening belt are the main raw material: polyester + rubber elastic fastening belt type; Fastening tape, hook and loop elastic fastening belt color: black, color elastic fastening belt cold resistance: - 20 degrees Celsius recognition is used, the lower the temperature, the stronger the pull, elastic fastening belt heat resistance: 180 degrees Celsius began to soften, 220 degrees Celsius can melt elastic fastening belt use: used for furniture finishing binding, outdoor sports bundling, clothing shoes and hats, toys, gifts, electronic industry, etc. Supply environmental elastic hook and loop, nylon yarn + polyester + rubber after, need to be used with a soft hook. Elastic fastening belt features: this product is polyester yarn woven for + rubber belt, has the scalability, high elastic adhesive force is strong, durable and easy to use, after high temperature dyeing, not easy to rub off, can be used repeatedly. Product introduction: elastic fastening belt elastic Velcro beautiful and easy, suitable for wide application, such as clothing, bags, handbags, belts, toys, gloves, sports equipment, medical equipment, sporting goods, medical supplies, gifts, curtains, bedding, jewelry accessories, pet supplies, and other industries, and other products, Such as MP3 wrist, belly in, beam bind belt, etc. ) The specific content of the above is small make up today to share, also want to consult more information about the elastic fastening belt, welcome consultation telephone 15920637637, Mr Liang
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