Elastic knowledge

by:BAILI     2020-11-14

elastic is one of the types of clothing accessories, belongs to textile accessories, one of the most common are generally made by polyester yarn, nylon yarn and PP line processing, and now also adds the elastic jacquard technology, through the polyester yarn, then put the figure in the computer jacquard machine program, debugging textile can form various types of elastic. Jacquard work a more fashionable and trendy ribbon craft, look stereo sense is strong, brand jacquard logo is clearly visible, bright color, rich, one can increase product added value, and can improve the whole art of elastic. Jacquard soft handfeel, forced good, excellent durability, added more on elastic recognized by users. Have jacquard group is relatively simple, elegant and the colour is distinct, stereo sense is strong, so that to on both sides of elastic, beautiful and fashionable, this kind of elastic is often used in apparel, shoes and hats, belts, hanging belt, etc.

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