Everywhere on the back glue Velcro, you notice?

by:BAILI     2020-10-12
Back glue Velcro are everywhere, clothing apparel, whether life or scientific research on technology research and development, many are applied to the magic hook and loop. It brought convenience to people, there are many different kinds of Velcro, then induce mushroom head is what kind of injection, how to produce? With small make up together and see it! A, mushroom head hook and loop manufacturing process: first is the loom nylon yarn materials will be cause germ band shape by the ribbon machine, in the high temperature dyeing equipment will be semi-finished germ band dyed all sorts of color. Viscosity cingulate suede germ band is to dye the color in the first napping machine equipment will color germ band suede brush after curly again by sizing shapes, fastening belt hook is will dye good hook surface sizing to finalize the design after the germ band on the surface of the nylon monofilament through import cutting machines hook uniform to give the appropriate cutting monofilament forming sticky germ band with a hook, and then the imported article points the books give width of article points to the required specifications. To cut off the required length and volume after packing. Second, back glue Velcro classification: back glue Velcro is different from general Velcro, the hook part is made of Polyester, very strong, and unique design of mushroom type so particularly strong tension. Fit special hook surface processing, excellent peel strength. Plasticizer resistant, resistant to moisture, uv resistance, solvent resistance, good tensile properties, repeatable closed, no intermediate prolapse, noise reduction and shock absorption, etc. Back glue Velcro can be divided into two styles: one is injection hook style, additionally one kind is ordinary style, all of them are using woven nylon material, on the hook for the mushroom head shape, so called mushroom head Velcro, the scope of its use for electrical appliances, toys, supplies, furniture supplies, etc. Three, mushroom head back glue Velcro purpose: back glue Velcro is suitable for the requirement of less powerful fixed and disassembled USES, such as curtain, electric tools, car interior trim and other components, such as the trunk lid, sports gear, grinding and polishing tools, as well as protective clothing products and so on. Hidden in the joint can be used in door, panels, signs, display board and many often need to remove the items. When the surface of the mushroom head shape, interlocking, the tensile strength to the mechanical fixation, can be repeated opening and closing more than hundreds of times. Mushroom head shoot crocheted on demand, can choose to have back glue or no back glue series products, gum series products can be used in panels, wood, glass, and many different kinds of plastic. Four, back glue Velcro features: high temperature washing, yellowing resistance, resistance to sunshine; Washable and friction resistance; Stable quality, uniform brush, not easy broken wires, transverse tensile, vertical strip firmly closed. At present there are a lot of new type of Velcro is, back glue Velcro is a relatively special a fastening belt, each kind of Velcro has its own unique features. For this, we need to choose their products right Velcro, meet the needs of the actual situation.
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