Explanation of fastening belt of different kinds of advantages and characteristics

by:BAILI     2020-09-21
, a fastening belt of different kinds of advantages and characteristics of the back to back Velcro has many advantages to back to back hook and loop also called Velcro cable ties, Velcro cable tie. Compared with ordinary cable tie it has a big advantage, ordinary cable tie is not check out function only plunge into more and more tightly and back-to-back fastening belt, there is no this defect, he is free to tighten and loosen, repeatedly opening and closing can reach ten thousand times. So it is widely used in various need to often open and close and buckle and the location of the traditional cable ties can only adopt the sewing process input is fixed, and back to back Velcro only can achieve the purpose of fixed on its own. In addition to the hook and loop, a few kinds introduce to everyone again below fastening belt type. 1, the back adhesive tape, by ordinary fastening belt at the back to back glue processing to get an updated version of fastening belt, when using only need to be on the back of the tear from type paper can easily clean paste paste in a variety of smooth surface. 2, hair sticky strap, the fastening belt, tidy up the hair can be very convenient to hold don't let him lie down, and the color can be set to a variety of appearance, very beautiful and convenient. 3, hook hair sticky strap, just as its name implies is to hook wool as one of the fastening belt joint, side hook surface, again is rough, is often used as a tie, very strong adhesive. 4, catch hair sticky strap, we often find the use of hook and loop on clothing and shoes, compared with the zipper and button, but more convenient, used here is to catch hair sticky strap, he also suitable for sporting goods, medical supplies, wig, and so on. 5, mushroom head Velcro, this kind of hook and loop hook surface is made of polyester, very tenacious, appearance is unique with mushroom shape, tension very well. According to hook with MAO, slitting machine, voltage type and combination can also be divided into voltage fastening belt, elastic fastening belt, with the type of fastening, etc. , in brief according to different avenue, also can undertake a variety of other classification, believe everybody through this article to back to back Velcro must have a deeper understanding of, in the life can be more accurate to use the product.
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