Expound back glue Velcro level fire prevention function

by:BAILI     2020-11-17

adhesive back strap is very common used in our daily life, as well as the usual tricks on two sides of one wall is hooked, another wall is wool fabric, the lasted only necessary to the adhesive can, leave the necessary only slightly torn, very convenient. The back adhesive to our career has brought great convenience, like children dress up here often, due to the convenient shorthand, only need a stick can be slightly, also not formation damage, for children to is the choice of became many dress manufacturers. The contemporary family almost all equipped with computer, the resulting performance is the route of all kinds of computer, it is easy to around intertwined, and the back adhesive belt will be able to well deal with this difficulty.

in classification, trick post, dimension is divided into popular trick trick post three and special tricks, popular trick trick stick stick and scale used more in career, then special tricks to stick and what are the characteristics? Special trick stick containing adhesive back strap trick, waterproof, fire prevention trick stick, fire trick stick special disposal of course fireproof material, can in - 20 ℃ to 80 ℃ between applications, has the very good fire prevention function, pay attention to application of items in the skin of the indirect in battle, as a result of the continuous flame will still be melting drops, formation of skin damage. Fire fire retardant material used in the trick stick, both to guaranteeing itself will not be put out, also can block out the rest of the objects, the angry moment is itself will not be burning, also won't scale extension is out. Is able to cover items and surrounding conditions, maximum level of cut loss. Fire trick stick important used in aerospace, clothing and other industries, and use for aircraft, power box, overalls, laboratory. Jacket and welding work clothes and so on. In addition to apply to this industry, fire trick stick also can be used to family life, simplify the plan the whole machine, low excellent tensile function was originally arrived. Can be used as a desk and chair MATS, wall decorations paste, prevent to metope form stained by Posting ornaments. Can also support as refrigerators and other appliances.

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