Factors influencing the back glue Velcro adhesive strength

by:BAILI     2020-09-10
Factors influencing the back glue hook and loop adhesive strength ( 1) Surface treatment before the surface treatment of adhesive bonding is the key to success, its purpose is to get strong durable joint. Because glued materials oxidation layer, see plating layer, phosphating and release agent layer of the weakening of glued objects surface treatment will affect the bonding strength. Polyethylene surface can be used, for example, hot see acid oxidation treatment and improve the bonding strength, heated to 70 - 1-80 ℃ during processing 5 minutes, you will get good bonding surface, this method is suitable for polyethylene plate and thick wall tube, etc. Such as on the temperature, the film surface treatment, plasma or micro flame treatment. When bonding to the pressure on the bonding surface, make it easier for adhesive with the stuck holes on the surface of the body surface, even into the deep hole and capillary, reduce the bonding defects. For small viscosity glue adhesion agent, the pressure will be excessively, due to lack of glue. Therefore, we should stay viscosity is larger in the pressure, also prompted glued on the surface of the body surface gas escape, reduce the bonding area porosity. ( 2) The surface roughness when adhesive well infiltration is sticky material surface ( Contact Angle? 90°) , the surface roughness is conducive to improve the adhesive liquid infiltration degree of surface, increase the points of contact adhesive and glued material density, thus to improve the bonding strength. On the other hand, the single building glue to be sticky materials infiltrating bad ( 90°) , the surface roughness is not conducive to the improvement of bonding strength.
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