Factors influencing the back glue Velcro price is what

by:BAILI     2020-10-10
With the rapid development of Internet has brought a lot of purchasing businessmen convenience, because you can through the Internet can directly find the back glue hook and loop source manufacturers, in the case of cost savings and can have a good handle on quality, but also a lot of problems, followed by buyer usually consult several factory consultation price for comparison, that is why many businesses particularly when purchasing back glue Velcro, don't know how to choice. Have a talk about business with you last time how to choose the right back glue Velcro manufacturer. Today is mainly analysis back glue Velcro price for everybody! First of all, we should be back glue Velcro prices depends on what condition! Raw material price is depend on the price of raw materials and the most important condition for back glue hook and loop, back glue Velcro by fastening tape, glue, paper of mold, fastening belt: usually used to back glue viscosity cingulate is commonly use blended, blending the advantage of not caused by exposure to absorb moisture in the air to back glue Velcro fastening adhesive and lost. The price of the Velcro of this material is belong to medium, some customers will choose nylon material. This kind of material relative prices will be more expensive, the cheapest fastening belt is made of polyester, generally choose the material generally is disposable products. Glue: glue the price range is compared commonly big, commonly used general classification for the ordinary and special glue, glue common glue viscosity, mild and can waterproof or corrosion, etc. Special glue can follow up businesses use regulation for choice, generally require more special, glue the more expensive, often than domestic prices of imported glue glue will be expensive. From type paper: from type paper also has a lot of kinds, mold force and the material is different, the industry generally just separation type and paper from type membrane, using the type of paper materials are usually changes over time can have the possibility of be affected with damp be affected with damp, when using, is relatively difficult to operate, so relatively than from type paper mold film will be expensive, of course there will be other factors will also impact on the back in the price of glue hook and loop, such as the quality requirements, packaging requirements, etc. But at the core of the price of raw materials.
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