Fancy application of adhesive Velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-14

When it comes to hook and loop, many people don't know it! But its potential creative concept is unimaginable for many people. For example: The traditional concept of adhesive Velcro gives the impression that it is very sticky and can be pasted and used on window screens. In addition to the window screen, it also has the most functions, but can be divided into many very small and creative content: it can be pasted in the toy or in all interfaces related to it, but it is a textile accessory.

I did not realize that it has a close connection with electrical equipment and has brought more contributions to the electrical industry. Therefore, I appreciate its universal function and very creative free paste function! For example, IPAD, you can use tape to stick iPad anywhere, even in the office, that is, in a folder with a traditional iron buckle, it is very troublesome to use and waste your precious time, just use the adhesive Velcro , Simple and time-saving, improve your work efficiency! hook and loop can also be connected to more places, and there will be a shadow of hook and loop in all aspects of life, and there will be more in the future.

Today, I will introduce how to use it and the remote control on the air conditioner. The method of use is very simple: First, everyone first buys or prepares adhesive Velcro, surface hooks and hair, double-sided bonding The type of agent, control and air conditioner because its interface is very smooth, so it is a plastic interface, and the glue is easy to stick. Use room temperature glue. You should tell the seller which glue to buy, but you can’t tell after you buy it. Next, we will start to use, tear off the release paper on the back of the Velcro, then paste the adhesive side to the air conditioner, and then paste the adhesive side to the back of the remote control.

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