FangQi raw material market at present

by:BAILI     2020-11-16

raw material prices basically stable, blended yarn, cloth thin pin, FangQi orders for short-term, affect the raw material purchasing motivation. Recently, the raw material prices basically stable. In each market, rely on many years experience in textile materials, the size of operation, the prestige, cotton company at present is still the region's main suppliers. Recently, xinjiang price level 3 hand picking cotton goods still 1. 4 - 1. 430000 yuan/ton, white 2 grade 1. 450000 yuan/ton, sinopec ( Los polyester staple fiber) Agent price 7650 yuan/ton, viscose staple fiber, chengdu she staple fiber prices 11500 - last month 11600 yuan/ton. Recently in the domestic manufacturers offer rose broadly, also raised its 100 - 200 yuan, but hard to increase sales. This week, yarn, cloth market remains steady relatively. Among them: high-grade combed pure cotton yarn, cloth according to single production, stable sales, combed yarn, cloth slightly better, but difficult to have significant improvement. Polyester/cotton yarn, cloth market continues to look good. In the thin fabric is still popular, thick fabric sold situation gradually weakened. Has the variety orders, according to relevant FangQi good pin, some still need to wait in line, not order varieties have sales difficulties, equipped with good varieties of enterprises adjust fast flexible, able to ensure that no longer new inventory pressure, but only if the order amount. Polyester viscose fabric varieties, production scale is not big, each FangQi is according to single production, so the total 购销量 are small, but the overall smooth. According to each member FangQi information feedback, since last month, yarn, cloth market gradually improve, each FangQi product inventory decline faster, most enterprise yarn, cloth inventories fell by 50%, most enterprises have reached normal inventory levels. Accounts receivable also fell, some companies fell by about 25%, so the liquidity shortage pressure slowed. But the FangQi also has concerns for afternoon, according to relevant FangQi currently receive short, rarely long list. Generally is 10 - List of 20 days, because of many uncertain factors, after the manufacturer also waiting, is also difficult to make resolutions out long list. In turn, is the larger negative effect on FangQi raw materials procurement.

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