Fastening and Velcro which is better

by:BAILI     2020-10-22
Fastening and Velcro which use or fastening and Velcro which this should be a better choice consumers of tangled problem, what is that lead to consumers points not clear thread gluing and Velcro? Then small make up today to share some of the relevant industry knowledge sharing to you, I believe you have seen the article would not be in a fastening which works, and hook and loop fastening and magic with what's the difference between these problems such as had been explained. Fastening the name how? Fastening because a pull its cheep ring, have the effect of the button is fastening belt, is due to a pull cheep ring also known as cheep, clasp, sounds amazing? So, fastening there are called Velcro, Velcro is by the side is small soft fiber, MAO, on the other side is a hard bristle with hook. The general clothes HOOK on it. It points male female two sides: one side is soft fiber, the other side is a stab of elastic fibers. Male parent phase clasp, under a certain lateral force, under the condition of elastic hook is straight, loose and open from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand times. This is called Velcro. Fastening and Velcro which is better to use their use is very widespread in our life is very common, such as: 'the clothes, shoes, less hair, hats, gloves, mobile phone, bag', etc. , can be applied to the superior medical machinery of the blood pressure and small to everyone, to families and even abroad. Fastening ( Velcro) And points of nylon and polyester material, polyester and nylon material and A grade nylon material and don't catch hair texture, so much the material whether need get some consumers to chaos again silly points not clear? Nylon material is not easy to burn, and very soft, nylon hook and loop is more suitable for use on clothing, so most of the hook and loop on the garment is nylon material, and nylon material is very environmental protection material in the material so much. Polyester material? Easy to burn and produce black smoke, just like any other plastic products will be accompanied by a pungent taste, material is harder kind, feel is natural is relatively rough. Polyester and nylon material is combined with all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, nonflammable, and it is very durable. Back glue Velcro is to use made of this material. Nylon grade A material is A higher level than nylon material, nylon grade A material is very soft, commonly used for close-fitting clothes, but also can use on baby, won't cause skin damage. Don't catch hair material basically has not catch hair types, only the hair surface, hook A level material use, often with nylon so does not grab Velcro material used in relatively more intimate apparel. Fastening and Velcro, which is better to use different materials can be made into different Velcro, material is different, of course, the purpose of the Velcro is also different, both to give consumers more choices, is in the range of natural widely. The usefulness of Velcro is accord with environmental protection standards, customers can choose according to their requirements of different types of Velcro.
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